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Free International Web sites providers page  

If any are not longer existing please let us know so we remove them for our fellow Internet friends that are coming along. 

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  • Webspawner
    A very simple form to fill out at Webspawner and you're on your way to have an instant free web page. I just got one for myself --  Easy, free and it does the job!

  • Hypermart

    The fastest growing business community on the net! according to them. They
    offer one of the best deals I've even seen on the Internet.
    They give you 10 megs of Free Web Space with your own domain name if you
     prefer. You are required to place a banner on each page you host on --- Excellent Free Web Space Provider - 5 Stars!!!

  • FortuneCity

    You can move into a home in any one of FortuneCity districts where you will
    receive 6Mb of web space absolutely free. You can use this space to create your own web site by uploading your own files and graphics. If you don't know how to create a web site they have a special homebuilder that will help you create your
    own homepage. Sounds good to me..

  • FreeYellow

    Free Yellow gives you 5 free Web Pages. Also, you get free autoresponders.. Cool!

  • GeoCities

    Free home pages and email are among a long list of tools and features offered
    to G eoCitizens -- join one of the GeoCities' communities and find out for yourself!

  • Angelfire

    The Home Pages on Angelfire are FREE. There is no cost to you to make a page
    and later edit it. It's Next to the Best!!

  • Freetown

    You can create free web pages instantly for your business or for personal use.
    Much more than a free web page

  • MySiteInc

    Get your FREE no-strings-attached "Affiliate" Personal Web Site here! Plus, earn
     $20 cash over and over again! Excellent

  • Personal Start Page

    It is a webpage that you the user create and maintain that gives you the quickest access to your favorite websites, the Internet's leading search engines, and we
    even added a built-in webnotepad. Nice Free Service for Internet Beginers

  • MarketNet

    As long as you have a browser capable of using forms you can set up your page
     by following a few simple steps. They need to accept your registration, but this
     may be done immediately. Simple, but Free

  • Tripod

    Tripod members receive 2MB of disk space as a benefit of membership.
    There are two ways to build your page. Choose the "Quickpage" option if you do
     not know HTML or if you want Tripod to write the HTML for you. Choose the "Custom" option if you want to build a page from scratch by writing your own
    HTML. One of the Best.. However, lately (October, 1997) they have changed thier rules where
    it will probably make it harder for search engines meta crawlers, and robots to find your
    Web page for proper indexing!!
    - December, 1997 - Tripod seems to have fixed that problem, but now they have a new system in place where a smaller browser
    window comes up when someone visits your web page. This window advertises Tripod. The problem with many Free Web Providers is that they make the rules
     and the rules keep on changing.

  • Achievement International

    Offers free web pages for any worthy cause. Not for comercial use! Not automated,
    and it takes time before they can give you the free page!!

  • Free Homepage from

    Your FREE Web site is awaiting you now - just for being a member or independent partner. Step-by-step instructions to building your Web Page.
     Knowledge of HTML is not required!
    Stay away from this one -- They may delete or move your free webpage without notice!!

    If you have a FREE website providers please send email to:


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